Violette / Jonathan Livingston Seagull

It is safe to say that probably everyone has heard about the tragic news that happened on the set of "Rust" after an accidental fatal shooting occurred. On today's episode, Josh discusses a prop gun technology that does not sacrifice authenticity but undoubtedly improves safety. Unfortunately, this product was shelved but recent events just might be the catalyst that inspires funding to bring back the simulated firearm: the "Violette." After that, Brett talks about a book that captured his imagination as a youth and still provides some philosophical inspiration (and aeronautical information) as an adult. We talk seagulls and skydiving, both relevant to the Richard Bach novella: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.


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The Story of Violette



Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Top Five Regrets of the Dying



(...seriously, these dudes and their show are awesome...)


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