Terrifying Content: A Spooktacular Special

It's almost Halloween and we're celebrating the best way a trio of Contentologists knows how, a fright-filled special episode of all the most frightening content! WARNING: the content we are recommending is spooky, it's scary, sometimes it is downright terrifying! This week we're turning The Content Clearinghouse into the Content TERRORhouse. Also, there will be puns. We just can't help ourselves.


Off-top Links and References:

What is fear?

Four Fs of Stress

Paul Ekman on Fear


Josh's Terrifying Content:

Nightmare on Elm Street


Megan is Missing


Brett's Horrifying Content:


The Sixth Sense

The Descent

Honorable Mention: Sunshine


Nick's Petrifying Content:

Howard the Duck

This Podcast Will Kill You



(...seriously, these dudes and their show are awesome...)


The Don't Assume Podcast


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