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And we're back! Sometimes. On this episode, Josh dives into the dark history of the Shaka hand signal, how its origin is based in brutal hand mangling and how it has been adopted by the terminally cool and the socially awkward alike. Then Nick discusses the not-so-widely-known world of the mid-nineties multiplayer text-based games hosted on standalone servers. Anyone could dial into one of these servers, called "BBSes," as long as they had a modem. Guest host (and the world's third contentologist) took advantage of these super computer nerd's network and became quite fond of several of these games. Nick walks us down memory lame, covering these simple yet great BBS Door Games and ultimately asks the question, what makes a game good? The answer may lead Josh and Nick to burn their XBoxes and PlayStations! He's talking: Barren Realms Elite (BRE) and Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD).


Off-top Links and References:

Dark History of the Shaka



BBS Door Wiki

Legend of the Red Dragon

Barren Realms Elite

Synchronet BBS List

What Makes a Good Game?



(...seriously, these dudes and their show are awesome...)


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