Nine Intelligences / Daredevil

Move over ya dumb, outdated IQ test. On today's episode, Josh shows support for the theory there are nine intelligences that should be considered in all school curricular. Things like Logical-Mathematical, Linguistic, Interpersonal... but don't read about them here ya dumb dumb! Hear Josh talk about it! And also check out the infographic. Then Brett wraps up with some Muay Thai ropes so he can finally get a good content beatdown on one of his all-time favorite shows of, um, well all-time. Yes I said that already but he really, really likes this show. And so does everyone else right now thanks to some recent related MCU easter eggs! He's talking the heroic growth of Karen Page, the whiny bitch turned badass Foggy Nelson and the blind lawyer "devil-of-Hell's-Kitchen" Matt Murdock, all thanks to the Netflix Marvel TV Series: Daredevil.


Off-top Links and References:

9 Intelligences Infographic



Karen Page: The Future Voice of the MCU’s everyday Heroes

Daredevil Stunt Double Chris Brewster Interview

Hallway Fight Scene


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