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According to Nick, there is a major problem with our modern society. Not quite sure what he means... all seems to be running smoothly; no cause for concern. Psych! It's a shitshow! And Nick believe on possible reason why is both somewhat obvious and yet also rarely recognized. The conflicts within our society do not see the two opposing sides on the same page as to what is even being discussed and adding to the problem? Our rapid-fire low-bandwidth modern forms of "conversation" boiled down to 240 character limits on Twitter, comment-based dialogue on social media posts, 24/7 news headlines, and sound bites. No real solutions are being proposed. Maybe Keanu and FlipSixThreeHole can solve all our problems! After that, Josh covers one of his favorite shows featuring one of his favorite actors playing one of his favorite vigilantes. It's justice time. Vengeance time! SKULL TIME! Josh reveals his man crush (although we knew all along it is Jon Bernthal) when he dives into the Netflix Marvel show: The Punisher.


Off-top Links and References:

Bobby Yeah: Stop-Motion Horror Short

Tremors - Making Perfection (The Podcast)



Jon Bernthal, The Ultimate Punisher

That time Jon Bernthal threatened to kill Oliver Stone

The punisher is sacred to Jon Bernthal

History of the Punisher Skull



(...seriously, these dudes and their show are awesome...)


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