Can’t Help Myself / Spider-Man, TASM

On today's episode, Brett finds his way back to the show to spread the word about a supremely haunting and incredibly poignant robot art piece that was slowly "dying" despite its best efforts to survive by continually shoveling hydraulic fluid back into its leaky reservoir.  Then Josh takes on a similarly challenging task to convince the world of one thing: Andrew Garfield is the BEST live-action Spider-Man in a world filled by both Spidered-Men (new and old) and fans filled with Spider-Mania. The ultimate source for this potentially Spider-Earth shattering revelation? The Marc WEBB (ha) directed film, The Amazing Spider-Man... or as Josh calls it: TASM. (The first one not the second one, the second one sucked Spider-Balls.)


Off-top Links and References:

Can't Help Myself by Sun Yuan & Peng Yu

Why the Internet Is Feeling Sorry for a Robot

'industrial robot continusouly sweeps blood-like fluid'



The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

Why was Spider-Man rebooted so often?

How Spider-Man Conquered the World


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