Complex Systems Science / AHS: 1984

Have you ever wondered how individual units interact to create highly complex and interconnected processes that sometimes give the appearance of intelligence? Think ant colonies... fungal networks... Insane Clown Posse gatherings...


Well, guess what Juggalo, there is a science for that! And Nick is going to talk about it. (Or are the organized molecules that make up Nick and everything else pre-determined to discuss the science of complex systems? Who knows). After that deep dive, Josh dives even deeper while discussing content that expertly walks the line between hardcore horror and universal appeal. This popular TV series utilizes the 9th season to deconstruct the 80s slasher genre while dipping it's big content toe into the real-life world of American serial killers as major characters. The Content Clearinghouse is talking American Horror Story: 1984.


Off-top Links and References:

Complexity Explorer

Santa Fe Institute

Harvard: Embracing Complexity



AHS: 1984 Trailer

Deconstruction in Horror

All the real life horrors in AHS

Rolling Stone on the Golden Age of Serial Killers



(...seriously, these dudes and their show are awesome...)


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