Hydraulic Tyrannosaurus / CMDEs

Josh and Brett discuss behind-the-scenes stories related to Jurassic Park's hydraulic Tyrannosaurus rex and it's scares both on and off screen. Then Brett tackles "background" content that is so prevalent, it's well-known twists and laughs are memorable and yet rarely thought of as an entertainment genre of its own. We're keeping this reveal a surprise (à la Nolan and his unreliable narrator style) so today we're just calling this piece: CMDEs.


Off-top Links and References:

T-Rex Robot Story

Netflix: The Movies That Made Us S2E3



Some CMDEs

Some More CMDEs

Holy Crap! CMD lists are great.

How MD really feels being in TA.

Simu Liu AMA



(...seriously, these dudes and their show are awesome...)


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